Posters, Shirts, and other promotional material. Please click on image to enlarge.
Yosemite National Park, poster design and illustration, scratchboard, wildlife art, black bear
client: © Yosemite Association, 2002
Pinnacles National Monument, California Condor poster, scratchboard, wildlife art
client: © Pinnacles National Monument, 2006
santa rita lodge poster, scratchboard art for posters, wildlife and birdlife illustration
client: © Santa Rita Lodge, 2007
drawings and paintings of petroglyphs, art based on petroglyph national monument
client: © Association of Partners for Public Lands, 2003
digtial collage, poster design
client: © Moab Music Festival, 2004
poster design, digital collage
client: © Moab Music Festival, 2000
poster design, film festival posters, digital fx
client: © Moab Film Festival, 2001
poster design, digital collage, photoshop illustration
client: © Moab Film Festival, 2002
poster design, watercolor illustrator, women's history posters
client: © National Women's History Project, 1990
poster designer
client: © George Berticevich, 1987
T-shirts, etc.
cllient: © Tucson Audubon Society, 2010
client: © Jailhouse Café, 1997
t-shirt design, t-shirt design illustrator
client: © Patagonia, 2006
Arizona Memorial National Park anniversary logo, logo design, digital imaging
client: © USS Arizona Memorial National Park, 2001
client: © Arches Book Company, 2002
client: The Elephant Project
client: © Eric Bjornstad
client: © Center Café, 2000
client: © KZMU Radio
client: © KZMU Radio